Monday, November 15, 2010


I was just thinking about a 50's-era sitcom I watched once where the husband calls the wife an hour before he's due home and cheerfully says, "by the way, Honey, I'm bringing the boss home for dinner".
Even as a kid, I remember feeling panicked for the wife and thinking, "he did not...".
I had a moment like that last night.
A couple of months ago, my husband started taking part in leadership training through his place of employment. His group is made up of a few co-workers and others in the community going through the same training. They do things like listen to speakers, take tours of the city, learning the history and how people are working to improve it, etc... . About a month ago, he told me they were going to be taking part in a literacy "fair" of sorts and that he signed up to bring refreshments ( read: signed me up), but wasn't sure of the when and where yet. I said no problem, just give me a heads-up as it gets closer. Well, last night, as we're driving home from church and I'm already mentally crawling into bed, he says, casually, "so, the literacy fair is this Wednesday. It'll probably only last until eight or so." I said, "Mmm" and started to zone back out. Then, I realized what he meant and had a moment of total panic.
I'm a planner. Sure, I love to do spur-of-the-moment things like pack the kids in the car and take off on a road-trip, but when it comes to making food to feed people, I start with a rough-draft list of ideas, which then gets refined by stages into a final draft. Then, there's pulling the recipes and compiling ingredient and shopping lists ( I am so not kidding).
I said, "wait a minute- is this the thing I need to make the cookies for?!". He said, "Oh, yeah, sorry, I meant to tell you sooner." I mentally started going through my recipes and said, "Okay, well, how many?". He didn't know. So, today as my kids sit doing their schoolwork, I'm poring over recipes. I'll make a trip to Aldi tonight to grab ingredients and I'll probably start baking tomorrow morning and go until I run out of ingredients. Sounds like a plan- right?
I so wish I could say my husband will come home to this

but I'm sure it'll probably be closer to this.

But that's okay, because when it's all said and done,

and I'd do anything for him. Even make dozens of cookies with a day and a half notice ;).

Update: Well, information makes all the difference! Hubby just emailed me- it will be 24 adults and has been advertised as "refreshments". Anyone who knows me knows how completely high strung I can be.

I'll come down. I will. It'll take a couple of hours, but I'll get there :).

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  1. Amanda I just laughed and laughed you are a good writer. But with a "fun"ny twist. I love it. :)